It doesn't have to be a hotel...

We have had a flurry of slightly more unusual weddings over the past twelve months, by unusual I don't mean weird,  but not standard weddings in hotels for example...
It all began with a lighthouse up on the very tip of mainland Scotland, then moved on to a vast barn facing outwards to the North Sea. Throw in to the mix a couple of village halls (we LOVE village halls) and a mix of half a dozen tipis, tents and yurts tastefully arranged together for a long weekend wedding extravaganza and I'm sure that you will get the picture!
So often nowadays we meet lots of amazing couples that want to be hands on with their wedding, rather than relying on a hotel to organise everything for them. They want to pick their caterer, hire the alpacas and camp out in the woods - or maybe it's just hire the carousel and party the night away in a barn...
The main problem is that they are sometimes scared to do this because there is so much to do, everyone is telling them it's impossible and there are also one or two people saying that it's just not what you do!
Fear not, this is where we can come in and help - we are only too happy to check out the alpacas (any excuse to be hands on), help with choosing an off road caterer and convince granny that she really will enjoy sitting on a hay bale during the ceremony (we'll even find a special blanket for her to sit on!).
Everything is possible in our book and we love the challenge of making things happen. We will help you string up your own floral backdrop, show you how to make origami flowers - or we can take care of it on your behalf, leaving you free to enjoy the whole experience.

Don't be afraid to have the wedding you dream of, and if you need help, give us a shout!


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