This is it, you are ready to start that all important planning for  your wedding (or event - we know that not everyone is getting married!) - so where do you start?

You may have bought a beautiful new notebook or planner, dug out that Filofax that you never did use, been given an extra special wedding planner book as a gift or splashed out on a new folder and lots of dividers, but now it is sitting staring at you as you ponder on what to write and which sections you need...

Fear not! We are going to look at all the different topics that you might need to think about as we go along, but first let's make a start and get the brains cells into some semblance of order - at this moment in time you will have so many ideas going around in your head that it's time to note down them all down so you don't forget the really good bits that you have been dreaming of.

If you have a new notebook, we know the fear of making a mess on the first page - so skip a few and start there, if you have a file, take your pick as you can always rearrange things. If you are artistically minded, have a bash at a spider diagram/mind map, or if like me you like lists - make a big one!

What to write down? Everything you can think of!
Event planning has highs and lows, manic ideas and focused thoughts - but to start with you just have to splurge everything out onto the page - we'll rearrange and prioritise them later. No idea is a daft idea in my book, so put them all down - if you want llamas and puppies, put them on the list!

So, sit down with a cuppa (or something stronger as this is quite a special occasion) and doodle, draw, scribble and write lots and lots of notes. Glue in all the pictures you have been saving from magazines, swatches of fabric and paper and all the free samples you have been saving for today.

Cover the pages with what you like, websites links that are full of pretty things, things you need to remember, ideas, colours and don't forget the people, companies and pets that are important to you or that you have been hoping to involve in this special event...then sit back, relax and take a deep breath - you have started the journey!


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