What have we been up to recently?

Where have we been?

Well after a shocking amount of time off, it's time to get back into the swing of Blogging! We have not been idle, with this current season turning into one of our busiest with more and more enquiries for larger and larger events - the record so far is for 300 guests!

As the largest vintage hire company in Scotland, we have also been busy adding some specialised items to our stock too (including these pretty cake toppers for hire) allowing us to offer more and more choices for all you lovely people.

Event Support
 After realising that many weddings are not always held in the most normal of premises (yurts and caves for example...) we have also begun to offer an event support service where we can come in and help out with whatever is needed. So far this year we have set up quite a few weddings on the day, and also staffed one of two! This service seems to have addressed a gap in the market and offers complete piece of mind for those that just don't have enough time to do everything!

So what is next?
After a busy season, we plan to celebrate in the Autumn at Ella's Ball, where everyone will get the chance to wear their wedding or party outfit one more time - what more could you ask for! Register your details with us now to be kept up to date with our plans for Ella's Edinburgh as we confirm details.

As always, see more on our website: The Green Cockatoo


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