Put your name on it!

Do you label your craft work? 

Are you proud to put your name on your wares?

As a vintage hire company we often pick up items that have been hand sewn, embroidered or painted by other people - so often the creators of these precious items remain nameless and we will never find out who created these marvellous treasures.

One set of china that we have that has been faithfully signed is a tea set. Between 1941 and 1944, Margaret M Smellie handpainted a range of cups, saucers and teaplates in Ireland - every piece has her name or initials on it and I absolutely love that!

Not all the colours match as they have all been individually painted, but that is all part of the charm - this remains one of our most popular sets and it never fails to be noticed on our shelves!

The same goes for linen - I love to collect beautifully embroidered or crocheted linen - so much work has gone into these pieces but I rarely find any source of the maker on the tablecovers or napkins - occasionally the only evidence of a past life is an identifying mark from a laundry long forgotten. I would love to know who took the time to choose the design transfers, the colours, then carefully embroider each piece - I would also love to know when it was done, as some items must be a fair age!

Call me an old romantic, but to me this is all part and parcel of the charm of vintage - who owned/bought/designed each piece - was it a wedding present or a talented housewife with some free time? We'll never know.

So, if you craft or sew and you know that your precious work will be enjoyed for years to come - be proud and put your name on it. It may not be of importance to you, but trust me, if someone finds it in the future and cherishes the work you put into it, they will just love to know that it was your creation!


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