Make the most of these dark nights....

Well suddenly it's here - the nights are dark, the days are chilly and we have gone into hibernation mode...

What better time to plan and prepare for your spring or summer event than now? Schedule some evening get-togethers with your friends and family to help rattle through your planning, decorations and stationery.

Where to start?

  1. Decide where to hold your gathering: maybe one of your group has a home in a central location, or with more space than others.

2. Invite everyone!

3. Decide on what is to be tackled each time - don't be too ambitious as having a huge list each time will just put people off.

4. Set dates & times, once a week if you are keen, or perhaps once a month over the festive season then more often after that would fit better?

5. Pick up all the essential supplies, don't forget scissors, safety pins, glue etc Don't assume everyone has the same amount of equipment as you have - not everyone is hands-on crafty!

6. The most important - stock up on snacks and drinks. Set up a cookie bake and bring schedule, break open the posh hot chocolate or speciality tea (don't forget this is a social time too)...and have fun!


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