Welcome bags

Custom Designed Basic Damask Wedding Welcome Box with Ribbon

You will often find that there are some guests at your event or wedding that have travelled a great distance just to be there with you. Take it as a huge compliment - they have given up a whole lot of time and made a huge effort just to celebrate your special occasion with you.

As a loving gesture, a welcome basket, box or bag placed into their room is such a lovely way of welcoming them and showing how valued they are to you. Whether it is a local hotel they are staying in, or your own family home, people will always be delighted to find a little gift that shows you care.
Palm Leaf Out-of-Town Welcome Bags

You can pack so many little things in a pretty container - why not pack a mini starter set of local beverages and snacks so they can relax and chill after their journey, or maybe a little toiletry set to refresh themselves and feel pampered...if your event is rural, maybe some mosquito or midge repellent, or some sunscreen protection for the hot weather - there are so many little items that can be practical as well as just nice gifts.

Don't forget to add in a schedule of what is happening when, key contact telephone numbers for everyone and also a little map of the locations that they will need to find for the event itself. With the wonderful graphics available on-line, you can easily create something really attractive in keeping with the event - and don't forget to add in a little personal note to welcome them - finishing touches make all the difference and will be remembered.

Although you will be busy with lots of other guests too, this is a really easy way of making someone feel extra special and let them know that you really appreciate them making the effort to come along to spend time with you and yours.

Keep an eye on our blog for regular ideas and inspiration - if you need custom made gift boxes for your guests in Scotland, contact us at www.thegreencockatoo.com, or email: info@thegreencockatoo.com - we would be happy to help.


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