Social Media - what's your favourite?

Do you or don't you?

Nowadays the world and his wife are connected to social media - even my Mum is on Facebook (hello Mum!) to keep up with her granddaughters and of course TGC! It is a fabulous way of keeping up to date with what is trending and discovering who to follow....for example, this little blog...

Here at TGC, we started slowly...first a webpage  with photos....then once I had mastered Facebook, we opened a Facebook page...and then I sat back happily and thought about things for a while :)

Then I discovered Pinterest - Pinterest is amazing - so easy to cope with and so many things to post into your own albums - I have a funny feeling that it has just turned into a lovely indulgent hobby for me with lots of inspiring 'to do' photos like the one below...:D

In the meantime while I was drooling over lovely photos,  the world discovered Twitter - do you tweet? I now try's harder than it looks, having to remember to tweet every time something exciting happens....I do find it fascinating to see who is following us, or find a new creative to follow....when I remember...

Then one day whilst helping to run a wonderful wedding in a yurt, we were introduced to the joys of Instagram - up until then I thought it was just a photo album share-y thing! A very helpful wedding guest explained what it was all about, and yes you have guessed it, we are now on Instagram!

There's just one thing though, how on earth do you fit it all in?? Do I bore everyone with the same post everywhere, or spend ages posting different things right left and centre...I just don't know.

In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy all the mad crazy creative people out there that are posting up some amazing content and images...and dream of what might be - one day when I work out what to do - by that time everyone will have moved on to the next new creation online and I'll be back to square one again!

Do feel free to join us online at:
Twitter: @greencockatoo
Instagram: thegreencockatoo

P.S. Did I mention TheGreenCockatooShop on Etsy too? Here we go again!


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