Why choose vintage?

Some people are die hard vintage style fans - others just like to use it for a few finishing touches....whoever you are and whatever you like, there are vintage goodies to suit you.

The joy of vintage nowadays is that nothing has to match, you can use odd complimenting pieces, and mix and match items - try using odd china cups for flowers on your tables to add a splash of colour, vintage cake stands and plates to make an amazing cake or dessert table, or even tiny vintage brooches attached to each name card at you place settings to give that special touch. Do be aware though, that too much randomness and clutter all at once can potentially turn you into a junk shop, so don't get too carried away...I would say that with vintage, in some cases less is more.

We often find that clients sometimes just like to hire a few special items to add a hint of vintage and glamour in regular hotel venues - our champagne saucers are popular for many events - but sometimes they decide to go all out and hire everything they need to set the scene when using a less orthodox venue such as a barn or castle. Vintage is a lovely way to ensure that your event is completely different from everyone else...

The vintage theme also translates well into flowers - old fashioned larger style bouquets with trailing ferns take you back to the 1930's and 40's, floral headresses look fabulous instead of a tiara and if you begin to blend in wild flowers instead of tailored arrangements you give a much more natural feeling to your decorations.


Carry this through to your stationery and your guests will already have an inkling of your style before the event - in America, monogrammed items are popular and can be used throughout the entire event almost as a logo. There are many sites where you can find ways of creating your monogram including 


So remember, vintage doesn't have to take over your wedding or event, it can also be used as a special finishing touch to compliment your plans. 


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