Photo opportunities

Fed up seeing the same poses in every photo?

Many people (and photographers) are beginning to put their own slant on their event photos - gone are the days of the formal line-ups, the rigid poses and cloned relatives....

My favourite things at the moment are photo backdrops - for next to nothing you can make a really pretty backdrop or scene to have your photos taken against. It's great fun for all your guests too. Backdrops can be used for all types of events, from birthday parties to weddings - and they're great fun...

If you are a crafty person (and have a little time), you can create some really pretty things...

For Origami enthusiasts, the lucky crane:


If you love flowers, you can even theme your colours to match perfectly:

For dramatic effect go for circles:

Or even parasols!

And if you are stuck, not crafty, or just don't have any time left, you can always hire from us!
Beatles Abbey Road + stand for hire.


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