Jam Jars!

Once looked upon as glass that was disposable, jam jars have become one of the 'must-haves' for any vintage or individually styled wedding or party.

The decorative shapes lend themselves to many uses, from simple flower containers with hessian, ribbon or lace around them, to tealight and candle containers, but what is also popular now is to use them for drinks - maybe not something your Granny would approve of, but everyone else will absolutely love!

In America, the ever-popular Mason jar can be seen in many photo shoots - you can even find baskets of pre-mixed cocktails in jars with lids, waiting for all the guests to pick one up one their way past - a really easy way of serving everyone - pretty straws can also be supplied for those that need a little encouragement...

If you would like to continue the theme, include scones and lots of jam in pretty jars, or perhaps give the guests little jars of jam or honey, or filled with sweets as favours or gifts - everyone loves a gift of food.

See these photos and more in our dedicated Pinterest Jam Jar folder:



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