Wedding Fairs

Well after a busy weekend exhibiting at our first giant two day wedding fair, we're glad to have a quiet evening! Last week we spent a lot of time trying out lots of china and glass combinations on our table, to ensure that we had our prettiest and shiniest china and glass with us - I think we were happy with the final result once it was all in place...

We discovered that it was a different mix of people at the Corn Exchange compared to other fairs that we have exhibited at, and found ourselves having a lot of fun introducing the idea of vintage to a new market - many people were attracted to the prettiness, but didn't quite know how to fit it into their styling!

Our vintage champagne glasses were very popular, with many people realising that they would be perfect for a champagne reception straight after their wedding ceremony - although some did decide that it would be more fun to have pot-tails in teapots instead!

Remember that you don't have to be a full scale vintage fanatic to use some prettiness at your wedding or function - something as simple as an embroidered table cover over a plain catering one can add a tiny splash of colour to your day.

The one item that we found to be the star of the show this weekend was Great Uncle John's 1923 vintage office typewriter - perfect for an alternative guest messages. We have found that all your wonderful Aunties and Grannies want to leave a message, as they 'used to have one like this in the office' and all your friends will start to type - and then look for 'Delete'!!

Due to the novelty factor, you will find that there are many more messages left on this, than you would normally find in a Guest Book...

So, the search is now on for another wedding fair to exhibit at - I wonder where we shall end up next?


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