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Do we need a photographer?

A very hard subject to advise people on - of course you want special memories captured of that special day, but ask anyone that has been married for over 25 year and they'll tell you that they have an album somewhere, but can't remember the last time they looked at it.
Styles of photos are very important - would you like formal family group settings with everyone standing facing the photographer, or the less formal reportage style where the photographer mingles with everyone during the day and snaps away quietly - or maybe a combination of the two? Do you need one or two photographers on the day? Take time to look at photos on their websites, meet them at wedding fairs, and ask for recommendations from people. Many photographers now offer an engagement shoot to get to know you and this really does help to break the ice, particularly if like me, you hate having your photo taken!
There are also a lot of conversations online in bridal and photography forum…

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